Are opinions different?

Should the customer remain anonymous or disclose all data (bank details, address, documents, payslips, etc ...) that are necessary for KYC processes in order to make this data available to companies, banks and authorities?

Our Opinion: In the crypt world, KYC has lost nothing, in the Fiat world, absolutely YES!

Reason: We provide a cryptocoin and asset trading platform for the end user and follow the basic idea of anonymity for the user in the crypto world. The Blockchain and also the Exchange should be binding transparent and absolutely anonymous for the user. That's why we do not want any data from you, which we might then have to pass on to authorities and banks! Cryptocoins and assets are anonymous privacy and should stay that way.

Because Coinexwo Exchange is completely transparent and you are trading anonymously in a secure environment, Coinexwo strictly opposes KYC!