Login to your account.

On the Trading Page Click on "DEPOSIT /WITHDRAW" button or go to your account from any page.

Click on "Withdraw" next the currency you would like to withdraw (SEND), and follow the on screen instructions to withdraw your funds to your chosen address or linked account.

Important information for withdrawal: Our Kaspersky certified software is additionally equipped with fraud warning systems for your security.

for your securities:

  • - 2fa
  • - Hush code generation
  • - active fraud warning system

an example: in the very unlikely case, that someone gets to all of your data (password, 2fa, hush code), is our fraud warning system the last instance for your security! 

in function: You have entered an address when making a deposit, if another address is entered when making a withdrawal (because under unlikely circumstances someone has taken over your account), our automatic fraud warning system takes over and stops the process automatically. Further details and examples are NOT available here for security reasons. 

For this reason, and because you do NOT need to verify KYC with us, 95% of the payout process is carried out in second level support. The withdrawal usually takes place 2 times a day.